Release Notes 9.2 March 29, 2020

This release contains the following enhancements.

New Feature: Friends and Family

A friends and family feature is available to view and display patient’s relatives. This will allow you to verify that you are speaking to someone who is authorized to receive information about the patient’s condition.


New Feature: Configurable Start of Workday

A new feature is available that lets your organization decide the time of day that the workday begins. Prior to the introduction of this feature, CareRoutr understood the beginning of the day to be 12 AM, and would add all visits scheduled for that calendar day to the map beginning at 12AM. Now, you can choose the start time of your workday, or the start time that visits for that day show up on the map.

For example, if you select 5AM as your start time, visits scheduled for that calendar day will not appear on the map until 5AM.

To select this feature, go to Organization>Advanced Settings.


In the Start of Workday field, type the time of day for your workday to start (from 0-23). In this example, your workday is selected to begin at 5am. This means that upcoming visits for the current day will not be visible on the map until 5AM of the current day, no matter when they were entered on the boards.

We have also fixed the issue of visits disappearing from the boards after midnight.


New Feature: Custom Presets for the Map

You can now create custom views for the map that allow you to see relevant data with one click. You can also create multiple custom presets and switch between them. Here’s how to make one.

Go to Map>Presets>Create New.


Enter a name and description for your preset.


Select the Care Request, Patient, and Provider Filters for your preset. You will select these the same way you select filters on the map.

You can easily create multiple presets based on your needs and switch between them. These will be specific to your accounts. You can also edit and delete these presets.


New Feature: Filter Reports By Individual Providers

Managers have requested the ability to look at response times and other metrics at the individual provider level. You can now do so by selecting the provider filter on any one of the metrics graphs.


Improvement: Automated Report Titles

The titles on reports are now more descriptive based on the settings you select.


Improvement: Staff and Patient Name Formats

If needed, you can select different name formats for staff and patients for display on the map.


Bug Fix: Remove Selected

The Remove Selected button is now working on the boards.


Bug Fix: Status Changes not Recording Properly

Multiple providers have reported a bug where the status changes revert back to the previous status and have to be entered a second time. This issue has been fixed.