Release Notes 9.1: Date Selector for Care Requests, and more (March 2020)


We are planning our next release for Tuesday, March 3, 2020. All relevant information is below.

Release Information

Release Name: 9.1

Scheduled Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Expected Downtime: There will be sporadic interruption between 3pm and 4pm.


New Features

Specify Date of Care Request:

Triage staff are now able to specify whether a care request is to be fulfilled immediately or in the future. This will allow scheduling of a future CR that will appear on the boards, but will not appear on the map until the day it is scheduled.


With this feature in place, we will be able to proceed with trying new boards for managing care requests later this week. Until you receive further instruction, please use the ASAP selection when creating care requests.

Preset Creator:

Users will be able to create their own presets for the map and for the request tab. This makes it easier to have your required settings ready to go and to switch between presets. We will update you later this week with guidelines for creating presets.

New Roles:

New roles and capabilities are available to make sure that each user only sees the features and information that is needed. For example, we now have a new manager role that lets certain manager see only the report data that is relevant to their affiliate.

Exclude Specific Care Requests from Metrics:

In order to preserve the accuracy of the metrics, we now have options available to filter selected care requests out of the analysis without deleting the requests completely. This feature is available to specific managers.

Release 9.1.3 (Incremental Update)

Reports pertaining to care requests and metrics were reviewed and updated to make sure the filter is working correctly.

Also, a bug related to the display of the Response Time was fixed. This was fixed retroactively so that all response times should be correct.

Most importantly, we released the default board settings. The boards were set up on all triage accounts. The issue related to the slow load time was fixed. Triage is now in the process of testing the boards and providing feedback. The boards are:

  • Call/Email Board

  • Weekday Visit Board

  • Weekend Visit Board

  • Tuck In Call Board

  • Holiday Board