Release Notes 9.9 (Nov 12, 2020)

Changes to Boards

Removal of Holiday Board

The holiday board for Care Requests has been removed. If you are creating a care request for a holiday, assign it to the day of the week. For example, if you have a Care Request for Thanksgiving (Thursday), mark the Request Day as Thursday and look for it on the weekday board.


Restore Defaults on Boards

The Restore Defaults option on the boards is valuable for returning to the predetermined settings for a board if something is changed. Previously, restoring the default settings on the board did not reset the display of the columns on the board. This has been fixed.

Minor Bug Fixes for Crisis Care

Crisis Care Appointments

There was an intermittent issue where three appointments would be created for a crisis care request but only two display on the crisis care board. This has been fixed.

There was also an issue with Crisis Care appointments that occurred if the dispatcher did not complete one of the required fields in the request. CareRoutr would prevent the request from being created without telling the user why the request could not be created. Now, the correct error message displays if a required field is not completed.

Crisis Care Appointment Time Fix

An issue where a time change did not save when a crisis care appointment was edited has been fixed.

Display of Additional Information on Care Request Form

Friends and Family Information has been added to the Care Request.

The patient’s team information has also been added to the Care Request

The patient’s status (Admitted, Prospect) will display on Care Request forms.

Map Now Shows When a Patient Passes

When a patient is deceased, the care request appears as an X on the map. An X is also used in the list of Care Requests shown in the panel on the right. A (D) will also appear after the patient’s name in the right panel.

Here is a video further explaining this feature:


Recognizing When A Provider Has Out of Date Location Data

We have made improvements around the issue of providers who remain in an on-duty status when they have out-of-date location data and are not actually on duty. This can occur if a provider forgets to update status at the end of the shift and closes the app without logging out. As a result, many providers who were not actually available appeared in the on-duty list on the home page tiles and on the map. We will refer to GPS data that is out-of-date as stale.

We utilize this concept as follows. First, the provider column on the map’s right pane is sorted by which providers have recent location data, so the providers who have the most recent location data appear at the top of the list. This makes the list of providers easier to manage.

Second, we have improved the Provider Snapshot tile set which appears on the Home Page of managers and dispatchers. There is now a filter entitled Exclude Stale GPS. When this filter is on, all providers who have not updated their GPS status recently will be excluded from the On Duty, Available, Dispatched and Busy tiles. This is illustrated in the screenshot below.

The Provider Snapshot now also includes a fifth tile entitled Stale GPS. This tile shows all providers who have a stale GPS location. It is highlighted in yellow in the above screenshot.

You can set the amount of time before the provider locations expire in Organization>Advanced Settings>Location Expiration.


Bug Fixes and Improvements Related to Metrics

Provider Mileage Estimates

Some providers were missing geocoordinates when they were assigned to a care request, so CareRoutr showed them as being a billion miles away. This has been fixed.

Data Display In Drilldowns

There was an issue that occurred when a user clicks on a statistics tile to drill down to see the data.

The On Duty Providers filter was applied in this list when it should not have been, causing some data not to display. This has been corrected in this release and will make the drilldown information accurate.

Also, an issue has been fixed where the drilldown information did not display data from the correct date.

Data Display in Drilldowns for Affiliate Managers

There was a discrepancy here between what was displayed on the home page tiles and what was displayed in the drilldown list. This is because the home page tiles restricted the view to patients from the affiliate, and the drilldown view restricted to display patients and providers from the affiliate. The drilldown filter has been changed to filter by the patient only.

Mobile Providers Can Select Extended Hours vs. Crisis Care

Mobile providers now have an Extended Hours/Crisis Care selection on the top right of the CareRoutr home screen. This feature works by giving the provider a way to update their availability as either a crisis-care provider or an extended-hours provider. This choice is part of the User Status panel in the App as shown in the screen shots below.

If a provider sets their availability to Crisis Care, they must also be CC-Qualified in their user profile to be assigned to Crisis Care visits.


Updating this status ensures that the correct providers appear on the map when filtering for Extended Hours or Crisis Care and looking for providers to assign to visits. If the provider is set to Extended Hours and begins a Crisis Care visit, the selection will update automatically to Crisis Care, and vice versa.


Updating a Care Request from an Email

Previously, there was a potential issue when a provider attempted to update a care request already in progress by accessing it from the e-mail message. The link in their e-mail went to a message with buttons to Decline, Accept or Start the appointment, regardless of the actual state of the appointment. If the Care Request was En Route and the provider clicked one of those buttons, the current status would be changed incorrectly.

Now, if a provider initiates an update to a care request from the email, they will always be shown an up-to-date view of the appointment.


Messages can also be viewed from within iDialogs by clicking on the Messages choice in the main menu. (The main menu is accessed by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left of the screen.) In this case, one clicks on Full Appointment Details to see the current status of the appointment.

Crisis Care Request Emails

There was an issue where the creation of a crisis care request sent the same e-mail to the provider more than once. This has been corrected.

Providers Can Correct Status Changes

Providers now have two options if they make a status change incorrectly.

  1. They can Suspend the request. This returns the appointment from being in process (either En Route, At Visit, or Charting) back to the Accepted status. The provider can then re-start the workflow.

  2. They can change the status of a care request while it is in process by selecting Change Status.


A provider cannot go back if the Care Request has been marked as complete. However, a provider is less likely to need to go back from this status, since CareRoutr asks for a confirmation before making the request Complete.