Release Notes 9.4 May 12, 2020

Release 9.4 has the following changes and improvements:

Speed and Boards

  1. We have made improvements on the system performance, so you should notice faster load times on the boards.

  2. In light of these improvements, boards once again refresh automatically; you do not need to click on a the browser refresh button to see the latest data.

  3. We have laid out the boards on multiple tabs to improve the loading speed of each tab. You can read about the changes to the boards here.

Available Providers for Routine Care Requests

While routine care requests may have been created earlier in the week, we received feedback that providers for these requests are selecting during the shift when they are on-duty. So we now show only the on-duty providers with distance and time estimates.


Export Boards to Excel

We now have the ability for you to export information from a board to an Excel file.

To do so, click the arrow on the top right of the board you want to export, and select the Export option.

CareRoutr will produce a spreadsheet for you to download.


Change to Provider Buttons

We have made a small labeling change in the provider app. The Chart Later option has been changed to End Visit. This will be visible for all providers.

  • Crisis Care providers do not chart as a separate step, so the End Visit option is better.

  • Extended Hours providers who are charting can still select the Start Charting option.