Release Notes 9.3.10 April 2020

Release Window: Tuesday April 20, 1:00 PM

Expected Downtime: Minimal

Here are the changes:

Separate Crisis Care and Extended Hours Providers

CareRoutr will be able to distinguish which providers are currently working extended hours and which providers are currently working crisis care, and separate their display on the map. The system understands that certain providers sometimes work extended hours and sometimes work crisis care, and will determine what each provider is currently doing. All available providers will appear on the map when they begin their shift. When a Crisis Care appointment is started, CareRoutr will recognize that and remove the provider from the map display.

Optimization of Care Request Fields

We have made changes to optimize which fields are presented in the care request form for each type of request.

  1. The Timeframe field will be removed from all Urgent and Non-Urgent requests, since the time frame for these requests is always as soon as possible. It will also be removed from Crisis Care requests since the appointments are scheduled later in the request.

  2. The Target Date field will only be present on Routine care requests. It will be removed from Urgent, Non-Urgent, and Crisis Care.

  3. The Queued Follow Up field has been removed from the Crisis Care request, since they are always visits and there is no need to specify it.





Crisis Care


Provider Home Locations

We have made updates so that providers can update their profile (or have it updated) with their home city and zip, rather than their office location. The home city and zip will then be how CareRoutr determines their starting location.

Updated Boards

The default boards have been updated to display only the fields necessary for each board. A board for completed care requests has been added as well.

Performance Enhancements

The system was updating the various boards too frequently. Every board of every triage user was being updated every time a mobile staff member changed their status. To avoid this, we have modified the system such that the boards are updated when changes are made at triage, but will not be updated when a mobile staff member changes their status. If that is important, then the triage user should refresh his or her browser.

The map, on the other hand, continues to be updated immediately. Boards are also updated when a user visits the map, then returns to viewing the boards.

We will refine this approach in the next week, but for now it should remove the performance roadblocks that were recently encountered.