Introduction to CareRoutr Mobile (New)

CareRoutr is an app for mobile providers that helps to track patient visits. CareRoutr improves the speed and quality of communication between the triage team and the mobile provider. The triage team can see the current location of mobile providers and patient visits on a dispatch map. As a result, triage can make visit assignments that minimize travel for the mobile provider. Since the provider’s location is visible to the triage team, this adds an element of safety for the provider as they navigate mobile patient visits.

CareRoutr is also mindful of privacy. Your location only is visible when you have told CareRoutr that you are on duty and currently working. When you indicate you are off duty, your location will not be recorded or visible. Also, the goal of CareRoutr is to present an overall view of patient and provider locations, not to track everything a provider does while on duty.

The minimum system requirements for CareRoutr on an iPhone is iOS9. If you are in the initial test group for the new CareRoutr app, you must upgrade to iOS13.

Tour of the App Home Page

The app is designed so that you can easily update status and track appointments from the home page, and you do not need to visit other sections of the app.


  • The three lines on the left take you to the App Menu. 

  • The arrows on the right will reload your home screen and refresh your location if you are told to do so by the dispatcher.

  • The User Status window shows your current status during your shift. 

  • The Future Appointments section shows you all the visits you have been assigned. When you tap the visit for details, the app will guide you through all the steps to complete as you provide care to your patients.

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